The Project “Discovering Nature’s Trail”, at D. Fernando II Middle School, is an initiative that promotes environmental education, based on an area inside school grounds, where native species of animals, plants and other living forms live together in a dynamic ecosystem. There, students can also study many different forms of fossils kept in Cretaceous limestone. This project has been sponsored by Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, Sintra City Hall and the Department of Earth Science of Nova University of Lisbon.

Our trail is a place where students, teachers and all who visit, can experience the contact with nature and develop the need to preserve it, experiencing environmental education and living its values to the full: learning about nature, loving it and growing citizenship skills. In this project, Biology, Geology and Paleontology come together to explain how nature has been working for millions of years!

You are invited to come over and leave your footprints in our trail!